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Logo Design Promo $99
Logo Design Promo $99
Logo Designs, Graphic Design, Direct Marketing
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Logo Designs, Graphic Design, Direct Marketing
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Logo Design Packages
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Graphic Design Dep't
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Logo Design Packages
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1 E-Vite $49.99
2 E-Vite $79.99
3 E-Vite $129.99
E-Vite Program $39.99 per month
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Design Information
Out of the 4 seasons, which is your most favorite of the year?:
What is your favorite color? If more than one, please indicate:
If your company were an animal, which animal would it be?:
If possible, where would you send your company on vacation?:
Do you have music playing at your work? If so, what genre?:
If your company was a type of sport, which one would it be?:
Ship a hard copy of my final E-vite design on CD for back up:
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Payment Method Options

In order to serve you better, we at MCM offer 2 methods of payment:

· Payments via Mastercard, Visa or American Express
· Payments with certified checks or money orders

Please select one of the two payment methods below
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Media Core Marketing
6101 pl.Des Groseilliers
Montreal, Quebec
H1M 1V5

*Please note that in selecting this method,
work will not commence until payment has
been received. A representive will use the
phone number provided in step 1 to contact

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