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Logo Design Promo $99
Logo Design Promo $99

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Logo Design Packages
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Graphic Design Dep't
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Night Club Direct Marketing Program
Restaurant Direct Marketing program
Logo Design Packages
Website Design

Restaurant Program $375.00 per month (1st month 1/2 Off)
Night Club Program $300.00 per month (1st month 1/2 Off)

Restaurant/Club Name:
E-mail address:
Address Con't:
Phone Number:
Cell Number:
Fax Number:
Postal Code / Zip Code:
Company URL

How long has this Restaurant/Club been open?

How Many Partners Own This Restaurant/Club?

How long have you owned this Restaurant/Club?

Are you the final decision maker?:

How committed are you to increase the income
of your Restaurant/Club in the next year?:

What do you do to meet the commitment you make of increasing your income?
Complimentary Gifts Coupons
Database Management Discount book or guide
Emails Flyers
Mailings Newspaper Ads
Radio Announcements Television Announcements
Website Advertisements Yellow Pages

Do you track the results of each?:

How does each perform?:

How many different clients walk through your door in the course of a year?:
100-250 250-750
750-1500 1500-3000
3000+ Do Not Know!

Do you keep a record of their coordinates?:

If not, why not?:

Which areas of your restaurant do you feel you need to develop in the next year?:
Breakfast Lunch
Dinner Bar
Catering Take-Out
Reception Halls Other

What do you plan on doing in order to develop those areas?:

What % of your restaurant's full capacity are you running at?:
100% means the tables are full at every meal

BAR (%)

Describe your Restaurant/Club in 4 words:

Please give a brief description of your Restaurant/Club:

In order to serve you better, we at MCM offer 2 methods of payment:

· Payments via Mastercard, Visa or American Express
· Payments with certified checks or money orders

Please select one of the 2 payment methods below  
I would prefer to pay for my logo design via credit card :  
Type of credit card :   
Exact Name on card :   
Number on card :   
Expiry Date on card :   
I would prefer to send a certified check or money order :  
Send certified check/money order to:     
Media Core Marketing
6101 pl.Des Groseilliers
Montreal, Quebec
H1M 1V5

* Please note that in selecting this
method, work will not commence
until payment has been received. 
A representive will use the phone
number provided in step 1 to contact

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